dry - serban ionescu

art film

dry - serban ionescu - feature model and actress

Directed by Serban Ionescu
Cinematography by Alex Bergman
Shot on Super 8mm
Edited by Maxim Bohichik
Sounds by Serban Ionescu
Starring Carley Beck
Thanks to Josh Sobel, Eamon Monaghan, Drew Vilano and Rainger Pinney

dry movie poster - in print - by serban ionescu




Director, designer, and abstract artist, Serban Ionescu is a visionary at Whooden. With a background in architectural design, his evocative body of work explores a visuality that seeks to expand and subvert conventional perspectives. His notable design projects include a NY Times and Dwell Magazine featured piece, “The Miner & A Major,” an intimate five-room sleeping unit as well as furniture design for La Columbe, a European-inspired café in Soho. His paintings, drawings and sculptures have shown in solo and group exhibits in NYC. Serban’s art-house shorts lend a fresh directorial energy and aesthetic that is ripe for multi-media content.